Self-Help Centre

Are you using the right service? Self-help is the first thing to try, and below are some resources to help you help yourself.

Online Consultation

Due to the high volume of calls we have introduced a new online consultation service preventing patients from queuing for long periods of time. You can send us prescription queries, requests for sick notes and any routine medical matter or any admin queries.

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Health A-Z

Your complete guide to conditions, symptoms and treatments, including what to do and when to get help. Please click below to get started.

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Prescriptions For Minor Health Conditions

Click to see the new NHS guidance on the prescribing of over the counter medicines. The team of health professionals at your local pharmacy can offer help and clinical advice to manage minor health concerns.

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Pharmacy First

Pharmacists are Qualified healthcare professionals, they can offer clinical advice and over-the-counter medicines for a range of minor illnesses, such as coughs, colds, sore throats, tummy trouble and aches and pains.

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Live Well

All you need to know about the major food groups and a healthy, balanced diet.  to make a change in your diet, change in your physical activity or just to get general advice click learn more to make a change today.

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Pregnancy Care Planner

The more you know about your pregnancy and your options, the more you are likely to feel in control. The information given here is based on The Pregnancy Book, which your midwife should give you at your first appointment.

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Choose Well

Choose the right service that is best for you for the quickest solution to your health-care issues. Click below to view our different solutions to common problems.

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Winter Health

Cold homes have a significant impact on people's health. One the best ways of keeping yourself well during winter is to stay warm.

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Healthy Weight

It's very important to take steps to tackle obesity because, as well as causing obvious physical changes, it can lead to a number of serious and potentially life-threatening conditions.

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Stop Smoking Help

If you want to stop smoking, several different treatments are available from shops, pharmacies and on prescription to help you beat your addiction and reduce withdrawal symptoms.

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In Times Of Bereavement

In the unfortunate event that a person has passed away, there are three things that must be done in the first few days, click learn more below to have help during the process.

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Walking For Health

Walking is simple, free and one of the easiest ways to get more active, lose weight and become healthier. Walking can help you build stamina, burn excess calories and make your heart healthier.

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Age Well

Over 50 carer support, loneliness, money and legal help, advocacy, volunteer transport, information and advice. Click the link below to learn more.

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Mental Health

If you are suffering from anxiety,depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, low mood or excessive worry, the link below can help. We are here for you!

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Are you a carer? If you are please let us know, we may be able to help you. Click the link below to learn more, or to let us know via Patchs you are a carer.

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Long Term Conditions

Patients who are learning to deal or who are dealing with a long-term condition face many challenges. We have made the process of finding information as simple as possible. Simply click the learn more link below.

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minor Illness

Every year, millions of us visit our GP with minor health problems that can be easily resolved without a doctor's appointment. Click Learn more below to find out ways to solve your minor illness.

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Family Health

To find out information such as child health, pregnancy care planning, men women and seniors health simply click learn more below.

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Gateway to Care
Adult Social Care

If you want information about services, or to request an assessment of need, blue parking badges, disability equipment or personal support then contact Social Services.

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Sexual Health

Sexual health is important because it enables people to take charge of their reproductive health, and their emotional well-being surrounding their intimate relationships. Click the link below to find our more.

Calderdale Sexual HealthNHS Sexual Health

Alcohol Support

Realising you have a problem with alcohol is the first big step to getting help. A good place to start is with a GP. Try to be accurate and honest about how much you drink and any problems it may be causing you.

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Health & social care

Social care support for vulnerable people is available. To learn more please click either of the links below.

Government ServicesCalderdale Council